Welcome 2021

We welcome this new month as we give thanks to God Almighty for His saving grace and for His mercy. Many can testify that we have come through great trials, hardships, pain, loss, grief, sadness and so much more, but through it all we say thank you Lord for the preservation of our lives.

Psalm 136 is one in which the Psalmist David expressed his gratitude unto God for the many thing that God had done for him. [Read it here]

Lord you have been good to us but we confess that we have not always done things according to your will, plan and purpose for our lives. We have been slack in reading and studying your word and at times have been selfish in our giving to your kingdom and to those that are in need.

We confess that we have used the gifts and talents you blessed us with for our own selfish reasons, to promote and make a name for ourselves rather than using the gifts and talents to build up your kingdom here on earth.

Many a times we have strayed and operated out of flesh [thoughts, words and deeds that are contrary to God’s words] and have not operated from a place where your Spirit had total control in our lives.

So that the service we have rendered in your kingdom on occasions have pushed many away from you rather than bringing them to the cross of Jesus for salvation and strength

We ask your forgiveness now Lord. Turn our hearts back to you in Jesus name. Amen